Bye bye eBook.

Hey peeps. As you may know, I wanted to create an eBook to teach entity component systems. Well, it won’t happen. The project is cancelled, the eBook won’t see the light of day. I am not closing down the blog, I’m just stopping this project. If you’re still interested in ECS, here’s the cool news: I’ve […]

The Ultimate JavaScript Closures Resource

So you’re writing the most interesting piece of JavaScript of all time, or you’re preparing for a job interview, or you want to impress your significant other, or something, whatever. You realize that you’re not even sure you can explain what a JavaScript closure is. I’m sure of this because for about 10 years I’ve seen scattered information […]

WebDev – Pretty AngularJS directives

Terrible. Terrible terrible. The first thing I thought when I saw AngularJS directives was “holy HOLY!”, then I promptly screamed in agony. Nothing too dramatic, you know. So directives are like WebComponents. I get that. They are damn useful. I get that. They are even friggin’ composable. I get that mucho bueno senorita Angularita. What […]